Understand all there is to know about your wisdom teeth

If your wisdom teeth are proving to be a hindrance to your daily routine then it might be time to have them extracted! If left in the gum, the tooth may cause impaction and cause your teeth to become crooked, cause more pushing and overcrowding and pain, swelling or infection!
Dr Alex Abrahams gets asked many different types of questions about wisdom teeth and wisdom teeth extraction, which is why we have decided to answer the most frequently asked questions here!

How long will I need to take off work to recover from my wisdom tooth extraction?

This varies with the level of your surgery and also your age. Generally the younger you are the less recovery time is necessary. Usually between two and five days is needed for recovery.

How soon can I eat after the removal of my wisdom teeth?

Again this can depend on the level of surgery and your age. For younger patients and more simpler surgeries, patients can consume soft foods within 6 hours of the surgery. For more difficult cases, consuming anything other than liquids may take a day or two.

Is the surgery painful?

If under general anaesthetic, you will be totally unaware of the procedure. If under IV sedation, you will not remember the procedure at all. If under local anaesthetic you will be aware, but numb. If you feel any pain or discomfort we will halt the procedure and administer more anaesthetic.
If you have any more questions regarding wisdom teeth or wisdom teeth extractions, Dr Alex Abrahams can easily answer your questions.
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