And the earlier you get the removed, the better

The wisdom of getting them removed The wisdom of getting them removed

Wisdom teeth do not seem very wise; they are generally painful and almost always need to be removed. Why are they called wisdom teeth? Well it has to do with when they erupt from the gums, wisdom teeth usually come up in our late teens or early twenties—and so by this age we are considered wiser than when the rest of our teeth appear in childhood.

…An evolutionary faux pax

As mentioned in our last post, it seems that we have the evolution of our brains to partially thank for impacted wisdom teeth. However, a study published just this week by an overseas university shows that there are in fact those who do not have wisdom teeth. The study stated that roughly 10 to 20 percent of the population do not have wisdom teeth at all. Why are these few so lucky? The reason is a random evolutionary mutation that occurred thousands of years ago which suppressed the development of wisdom teeth.

But just to give you an idea of how long this has been going on for the oldest evidence of impacted wisdom teeth dates back to around 18,000 BC! That gives you an idea of just how slow evolution is, if only in the last few thousand years has a random evolutionary mutation happened to deal with the now superfluous wisdom teeth.

The wisdom of getting them removed…

The earlier wisdom teeth are detected (and by this we mean prior to them erupting) the better (in every way imaginable) it will be for you and your general health. When you go to a dentist for a regular check-up they will—often once a year—ask if you would like an x-ray of your jaw. If you are a parent taking your teenager to the dentist, Dr Abrahams strongly, strongly recommends you let the dentist x-ray your child’s teeth and gums. The benefits of x-raying teeth are:

  • Pick up decay that the naked-eye can miss
  • Detect wisdom teeth before they erupted
  • It is the best way to be absolutely sure about the health of your teeth

…the sooner the better

Having your wisdom teeth removed (or the wisdom teeth of your child(ren)) will help prevent any further health issues down the track. This is an issue that we cannot stress enough; if your wisdom teeth have already erupted and are impacted Dr Abrahams would suggest you remove them as soon as is possible. Impacted wisdom teeth are painful and they affect your jaw, your bite all of which can snowball into many other health issues.
It is also important to note that we are here to referring to impacted wisdom teeth, when it is causing you pain, headaches and generally ruining your general health.

A side note…

Did you know that there are people whose wisdom teeth grow and it never bothers them? For these lucky people it is generally to do with the size of their teeth and how much there is when the wisdom teeth grow. But these people are a bit like the 10-20% who don’t have wisdom teeth. The point of this is just to point out that impacted wisdom teeth are not your friend but that wisdom teeth can sometimes (rarely) be benign.
Seriously though, who would want to risk it…

Thanks to advances in modern medical science removing impacted wisdom teeth is not rocket science, nor is it brain surgery. Dr Abrahams has a lot of experience removing impacted wisdom teeth and has helped tens of thousands of patients with their problems.

For more information on wisdom teeth, or to book an appointment with Dr Alex Abrahams, please do not hesitate to contact us.