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Firstly, it’s important that you feel no pain, so complete anaesthesia is required.

Three options exist for removal of wisdom teeth – Local Anaesthetic, Intra venous sedation with Local Anaesthetic or a full General Anaesthetic.

Local Anaesthetic usually takes place in the Dentist’s chair,¬†and can occur with or without oral sedatives, nitrous oxide sedation or intravenous sedation. After effective local anaesthetic, the surgery is painless, but people are still aware of pressure and pushing (less so if sedated).

Intra venous sedation is performed in a special set up Dentist surgery with a Doctor providing medications delivered through intra venous route plus the dentist uses local anaesthetic. The result is a “twighlight sleep” with no recollection of the procedure.

The alternative option is for a full general anaesthetic in a private hospital setting. Many people opt for a full general anaesthetic so that they can sleep through the procedure and be totally unaware of any part of the experience.

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