Teen becomes certain she attends Hogwarts after anaesthetic lingers

After getting her wisdom teeth removed with the help of anaesthesia, the drive home proved something other-worldly as the effects of the drugs lingered. The teen claimed to be a wizard who goes to Hogwarts, and was certain she had been put under a spell to make her forget.

While the teen was serious about these claims, her mother found the situation hilarious; videotaping the ride home to document her daughter’s confused ramblings. With over 200,000 hits, it seems her mother is not the only one who found her ramblings humorous!

Wisdom teeth woes

Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of issues for the mouth; impacting upon other teeth, putting pressure on tooth alignment and causing shifts in jaw alignment, not to mention overcrowding and an increase in ulcers and sores.
This is why it can be important to have them removed early, generally between the ages of 17 and 20, to ensure rapid recovery and reduce pain associated with wisdom teeth.

The Dr Alex Abrahams difference…

With Dr Abrahams, you are in the best of hands. With extensive knowledge and experience in the dental profession, Dr Abrahams really has you covered. Our paradigm is to ensure you get the best treatment possible, which is why we will take an x-ray at every consultation to gain a full idea of what your wisdom teeth are doing and how we can extract them.

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