Once again there has been another video emerge depicting the effects of wisdom teeth anaesthesia

A video of a young girl in the United States has emerged recently depicting her great love for her wisdom teeth. After they were extracted she can be seen as an inconsolable love-smitten girl seemingly in a love affair with her wisdom teeth. In the video she is lamenting about her lost wisdom teeth and even apologises to them saying that she believes she took their lives and was sorry that her body didn’t accept them. This video has joined the likes of “David After Dentist” which depicted a young child ‘tripping’ on wisdom teeth anaesthesia contemplating ‘real life’. This video was a viral hit on YouTube and even resulted in Justin Bieber doing a direct parody.

What’s the reality of wisdom teeth anaesthesia?

Dr Alex Abrahams is an expert in wisdom teeth extraction and treatments. He is proud to offer premium wisdom teeth treatments for a wide range of people, including dental anaesthesia and extractions. There are three main anaesthesia options for wisdom teeth removal, these include:

  • Local anaesthetic
  • Intra venous sedation with Local anaesthetic
  • Full General Anaesthetic

Dr Alex Abrahams will consult with you about which anaesthesia would be best for you and will evaluate your treatment, your age and your requirements. Local anaesthetic is administered by injection and is sometimes accompanied by oral sedatives or nitrous oxide sedation. This particular type of anaesthesia will numb one particular area and you will be fully conscious during your procedure, though still virtually pain free. Intra venous sedation (or IV sedation) is often administered through the arm and is a deeper form of sedation. You will have no recollection of the procedure though you will be conscious.

The deepest form of sedation is general anaesthetic which is usually administered in a hospital by proper medical doctors. You will be put into a deep sleep throughout the entire procedure and will have absolutely no recollection of the procedure whatsoever. Both general and IV anaesthesia are the treatments where a lot of people report feeling ‘loopy’ or confused and delirious.

Will I have to have my wisdom teeth out?

No not everybody has to have their wisdom teeth out and your normal dentist will consult with you about overcrowding and discuss your wisdom teeth positioning. Sometimes you don’t even have to wait for your wisdom teeth to erupt as your dentist may utilise a dental teeth x-ray to see deep beneath your gums. This particular type of x-ray is called a panoramic or OPG x-ray. Most people don’t have to have their wisdom teeth out until they’re in their early twenties so if you’re young there is really no need to worry until your mouth fully develops.

What can I do to make sure my wisdom teeth don’t cause any problems?

There is no sure-fire way to make sure that your wisdom teeth don’t cause complications, although there are steps you can take to prevent wisdom teeth complications. Wisdom teeth often don’t cause problems until the roots are fully developed. Once these are fully developed you can experience pain and discomfort, that’s why Dr Alex Abrahams prefers the prevention method, where wisdom teeth are extracted before the roots are fully developed.

To experience wisdom teeth removal in a comfortable and virtually pain-free environment, please contact us.