Recently a dentist has had to cough up $9.8 million for a botched wisdom tooth surgery

A dentist who performed a wisdom tooth extraction left behind parts of the tooth in the patient’s periodontal tissue, which left the patient with extensive oral nerve damage, chronic pain, a fractured jaw, memory loss, migraines, fear, anxiety, depression and a permanent loss of taste.

The jury found the dental practitioner guilty and was ordered to pay for the patient’s restorative dental treatments and pain and suffering.

The court found that the patient did not give his informed consent for the operation, and the dentist stopped mid extraction because he was told the tooth was fused to the bone!

Knowledge and comfort means a safe procedure with Dr Alex Abrahams…

With over 28 years’ experience, Dr Alex Abrahams has successfully extracted over 10,000 wisdom teeth and will not start a surgical procedure unless he has the informed consent of his patient. This is why he will sit with you and ensure you fully understand the process before continuing to surgery.

Expert extractions mean less pain and discomfort…

With Dr Alex Abrahams you can be rest assured knowing your dentist is qualified, knowledgeable and most of all, cares about your concerns!

Wisdom tooth extraction is a difficult choice to make, but when that time comes choose a dentist who strives to bring you high quality, advanced dental care whilst relieving you of your tooth pain.

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